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an american hero is dead. the former navy seal shot and killed at a gun rage. >> the gun debate heating up with mayors against illegal guns running an ad in the district. >> a benefiting on for a hearing impaired falls church mother and daughter lost in a fire nearly two weeks ago. thanks for joining us. i'm laura evans. >> i'm maureen umeh. let's start with a look at the forecast. here is a look look outside. we are dealing with bone chilling temperatures and some remnants of snow. the winter woes are not over
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yet. more snow could be on the way. fox 5 gwen tolbart is in the weather center with the first look at the forecast. >> you are right, it's bone chilling outside. temperatures are going to rise but a little later in the week. we have to deal with manage longer as well as more snow. we have light snow activity stretching from hagerstown to leesburg and toward the i-70 crow door. it's a -- corridor. it's a little bit of that system that pushes its way in the last few days, a series of clippers actually. clouds are in full force. you can see once again we are getting a burst that will be heading through. we will get a bit of a break but then back to it once again as we head into the beginning of the week. we do have a winter weather advisory in effect as well as a winter storm watch for highland, allegany and pendleton in effect from monday to tuesday. temperatures right now in the
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low 30s pretty much everywhere. it will be a chilly overnight. 24 degrees only. mostly clear skies before it's said and done in the overnight hours. it will be cold. bundle up. the good news is that we have warmer weather heading our way and a look at the forecast in new orleans where they are getting warmer weather than we are. super bowl sunday usually brings friends and family together for the big game but one bar is lending a helping hand to a manned who lost his mother and sister in a fire in falls church. karen gray houston is live with the latest. >> reporter: jimmy gardner lost everything in that fire on january 23rd. he and some of his friends like to hang out here at sully's northwest tavern. the friends are hosting a ralph and fundraiser while they watch the super bowl to help him get
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back on his feet. 48-year-old laura snyder gardner died in the fire. she taught math at gallo death -- gallaudet university. her daughter who was a student there was killed. the fire raced through the home around 3:25 in the morning january 23rd. firefighters discovered their body after bringing the fire under control. a memorial service was held for the mother and daughter last sunday. jimmy is deaf. we spoke a few minutes ago through an interpreter with one of his friends who helped organize the fundraiser. >> we hope we can raise enough funds to support jimmy and get him back on his feet and that the -- we can get full support for jimmy to get stable again. >> reporter: now, they have got some great prizes in the raffle tonight including tickets to
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wizards and caps game. hailey says she doesn't care who wins the super bowl. live in northwest, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. back to you guys. >> thank you, karen. glad to see people coming together. laura? big story we are following at 6:00 an american hero is dead. his suspected killer is in custody. authorities say former navy seal chris kyle was gunned down with another man at a texas gun rang in texas. >> reporter: the loss of chris kyles known as the u.s. military's most lethal sniper to a fatal gunshot wound stunned the community where he was reveered for his skill and heroic service. he wrote the best selling autobiography american sniper. the story details the 150 plus kills of insurgents. kyle and another man were killed at the rough creek lodge, roughly 50 miles west of
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fort worth techs a as yesterday afternoon. the accused shooter is believed to be a former troubled soldier in custody. texas authorities say eddy ray ruth of lancaster is believed to have shot the victims, fleeing the lodge area in a pickup truck. a 911 call reporting the deaths didn't come in until hours later. a motive remains unclear. wfaa channel 8 is reporting that ruth suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder. kyle and chad littlefield had taken ruth to the rage in an effort to cope and he turned on the two men shooting them in the back. approximately 8:00 p.m. he arrived at his residents and police took him into custody after a brief pursuit. kyle was a true american patriot and it -- he appeared multiple times on the fox news channel. >> you have to show respect. that flag is red, white and
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blue. it stands for the red that is the blood that was spilled. not just afghanistan but throughout history. you are going out to save americans. >> reporter: ruth faces two counts of capital murder. chris kyle leaves behind a wife and two kids. police are investigating a fatal stable in northwest. police identified the man as 68- year-old howard benibal junior. a reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. the hostage situation in alabama stretches into its 6th day. investigators continue to work with the man they say shot a bus driver then took a 5-year- old child inside his homemade bunker. craig boswell joins us with the latest tonight. craig? >> reporter: maureen, good evening. while this community watches and waits for any word from the on going negotiations to try to
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free the 5-year-old boy being held hostage in the bunker, they are remembering the bus driver they call a hero. >> today will be a tough day for our family and please give them the peace to be able to do what they need to do and their time of mourning. >> reporter: friends, family and an entire community are getting together to say good buy to charles pollen junior. he was shot to death last tuesday after police say he attempted to protect a bus load of children. >> he is a hero but he is gone. people have a broken heart. >> reporter: prayer vigils will be held almost every day since last tuesday. >> it's the only thing we can do in this community. we can't physically do anything. all we can do is meet up and pray here. >> reporter: investigators say they are continually negotiating with jimmy lee dykes, the man that they say shot pollen. >> they are showing that they have the patients necessary. >> reporter: the remainder of midland city hoping and praying for the safe return of a 5-year-
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old boy dykes is holding hostage. >> he is coming out. we don't know when and we won't ever know why we were faced with this as a community, as a whole. >> reporter: negotiators say the suspect is continually allowing these investigators, the fbi negotiators to delivery temperatures to the little boy including toys, food and much needed medicine. maureen? >> do you know anything more about jimmy lee dykes background? anything about what may have triggered him to shoot the bus driver then take the boy hostage. >> right, the motive, those are the questions we don't have answers to. we are learning more about the history, where he was in the service. he was decorated. since had run-ins with the law and people here describe him in negative terms as paranoid a survivalist, antigovernment type. no motive at this point.
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i spoke to the sheriff a little while ago and don't know if he has made demands yet. >> hope the boy is safe in the hands of jimmy lee dykes. thank you. president obama heads to minnesota to push for new gun measures. tonight controversial television ad is about to air in the d.c. region. lauren demarco has more. >> reporter: a group of mayors lead by michael bloomberg is out with a brief but clear message for congress. a call for background checks on all gun sales delivered in the form of a television commercial airing during the super bowl. >> we have to do everything we can to get the guns off the streets. >> reporter: vincent gray among the 850 members of mayors against illegal guns. according to the group, 82% of gun owners including 74% of national rifle association members support requiring
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background checks for anyone purchasing a gun. the 30 second super bowl ad airing in the d.c. market features a clip of nra vice president wayne lapeer another testifying before congress in 1999. >> we believe it's reasonable to provide criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show. no loopholes anywhere for any one. >> reporter: on fox news he was quick to point out that he was referencing gun shows only. he said background checks for all gun owners as recommended by president obama would lead to gun registry. >> it won't be universal. the criminals won't comply with it. they could careless. you won't computer rise rise the -- computer rise the mental health records. >> how do we know that. let's start the effort. >> reporter: mayors against
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illegal guns is calling for background checks and a ban on assault weapons. >> we historical had police officers in our schools. i see nothing wrong with that. i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: retired astronaut and navy captain mark kelly is speaking out. during a fox news sunday exclusive, he said he and his wife, gabrielle giffords, who was injured in a mass shooting are both gun owners themselves but -- >> this isn't about the second amendment. this is about public safety. we had 20 first graders die in their classrooms because we don't have sufficient gun violence legislation in this country. >> reporter: wayne lay pierre said enforcing existing laws would go a long way. the ad will air in d.c. only to grab the attention of lawmakers. after today it will be used in an online campaign targeting
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the d.c. region. >> lauren, thank you. a former d.c. school superintendent has died. 66-year-old arlene ackerman passed away at her home in new mexico after a battle with pancreatic cancer. she was the superintendent of the city's public schools from 1998 to 2000. during her tenure she is credited with raising test scores. still ahead, pain at the pump. consumer alert for drivers. how much has gas gone up in the past week? we will tell you coming up next. 
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turkish police say a new york woman found dead in istanbul suffered a fatal blow to the head. it is clear the head injury caused her death. she was last heard from january 21st the day she was scheduled to fly home. her body was discovered
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saturday evening near the remnants of ancient city walls. 34 people are injured after a bus crashes into an overpass. the accident happened saturday night in boston. the bus was carrying 42 people including high school students and adults on their way home from a visit to harvard university. some people made it out unharmed. others say it was chaotic. many had a hard time describing what happened because they were in shock. >> officials say the driver may not have seen a sign indicating that the bus wouldn't fit under the overpass. virginia state lawmakers hope a new bill will keep drones on the ground. a bill was approved prohibiting state and local law enforcement from flying drones in the commonwealth until 2014. the idea toys give lawmakers
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time to draw up legislation on drone use across the state. blimp like aircrafts called air stats are making their bay to washington, d.c. filled with helium. the aero states will fly 10,000 feet above sea level teeth they ared to mobile stations on the ground. they are scheduled to arrive in september and will be tested in an undisclosed location for up to three years. secretary of state john kerry is waiting no time to get to work. he has been making calls to several officials including palestine, israel, turkey and mexico. stepped down over for hillary friday. kerry was sworn in shortly thereafter. a consumer alert, rising gas prices in the dmv area. the spike in gas prices can be blamed on international tensions. the average price of gas went up to 3.55 a gallon compared to last week's 3.41.
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the district saw a jump to 3.69 from 3.57. we are all paying more than the national average of 3.51 a gallon. still ahead, a twist on golfing that involves guns. we will take a look at the controversial sport. and a reminder if you have a story idea call the tip line. 
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golf carts are typically used to hold clubs. >> but they are unveiling the golfing with guns excursion. pete griffin has the story. >> reporter: the gorgeous views would lead you to believe you are at a golf course but one major difference. >> what is different here, instead of having places in the golf cart we have gun racks put in and a place for ammunition. >> reporter: they call it golfing with guns since you can ride around in a golf cart to 30 different shooting stations across 75 acres of land. it's a 25 minute trip from the las vegas strip. >> every station offers different shooting challenge. the target launchers are different.
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>> reporter: my first time shooting a gun. >> that wasn't a bad attempt. >> you don't have to be an experienced shooter to try it. >> i have excellent range masters and people that are glad to come out and spend time with yo >> reporter: the course is open sunday to wednesday. >> all right, miss gwen. more snow falling today? >> bundle up. >> better than yesterday. it was reasonable. >> it was. we will have a warm up later in the week. a little snow. a few passing flurries we have to contend with and in a day or two ahead. beautiful shot outside. take a look. we have a lot of clouds that
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are starting to scott out. we will have a little of a clearing trend. you can see this moving its way through across the area and it is going to continue to do that through the course of the evening but we get a break. a quick look at radar and show you what is happening, we have a series of low pressure system, clippers that have been quickly moving away across the area. they move quickly. not a whole lot in their path more or less but they cause a little bit of precipitation. you can see a little bit of that pushing toward the i-70 corridor frederick as well as hagerstown and to the east a little of that activity. back to the weather maps. cold outside. that's another issue. advisories, winter weather advisory as well as a storm watch in effect. this is for areas of the west including the allegany front, pendleton, garrett, tucker encased in this. this is through monday, especially into tuesday when we see another clipper coming
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through. that will be the last clipper for a while as we head into that period of monday afternoon, monday night. temperatures 34 at reagan. 30 gaithersburg. 30 manassas. a cold day. tonight temperatures will be kicking in by the time we hit the 10:00 hour, 2 degrees. we won't warm up too much into the overnight hours as well. the winds will pick up a little bit. we have to deal with a little bit of a windchill tonight. be prepared for that. i know everybody is excited about the game even though we are in the 30s here, to the south in new orleans, 64 degrees right now. when they get ready for the kick off, we will talk 61 degrees. a few clouds, light wind. wish we had that kind of weather here. we have warmer days ahead i'm happy to say. you will see that in the seven- day forecast. i think you will like those temperatures getting back to seasonal. >> all right. looking forward to that. thanks very much. it was a chilly weekend but
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folks in new york stripped down and jumped into the freezing atlantic ocean for a good cause. the rockaway plunge is held every year in queens to raise money for cystic fibrosis. this year they are raising money for the sandy relief fund and victims of hurricane sand. proceeds helped support the presee point relief fund. legendary nightclub where rock, pop, blues and jazz lived for decades. bruise spring stein played there. it closed in 1998 after holding thousands of shows. now four filmmakers put together a 90-minute documentary that takes you back. paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: the bayou was underneath the freeway in georgetown.
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it began hosting dixieland jazz bands in the '50s. by the '60s it was packing in music fans eager to hear rock and roll, the blues and country. >> it way like no other place. you couldn't have built a place with this sort of ambiance. it was dark, it was cavernous. >> reporter: bill scanlon, a former d.c. loved it there and when he heard the place was closing, he got inside with a camera. >> i think that the film captures a piece of washington music history that is little known and certainly isn't spot lighted and yet was pretty vibrant. brought in national acts as well as very, very strong local players. >> reporter: the bayou is long gone torn down years ago. in its place is the lows theater where the documentary will have its premier. in the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s if you wanted to see an
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upcoming rock and roll band the bayou was the place to go. you could have seen duran duran for 3.50. the british band dire straits played as sultan of swings was running up the charts packing fans in for a two night run. u2 opened for the slick can i boys -- slicky boys. >> they were nice guys. young irish guys, hard to understand. >> reporter: mark yoon in the bow tie loved playing here. >> the stage was comfortable, big, great. >> reporter: springsteen played the bayou once. a surprise appearance with robin thompson. >> from that one no, video threw but there are great photographs. >> reporter: the film is a labor of love for scanlon that put it together over the last 14 years or so. the funding coming from mainly donations. >> very proud that we stuck with it. happy so many people supported
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us. our kick start of supporters came in with over $30,000 in funding and made it possible. >> reporter: the bayou may be gone but it lives on in film and the memory of rock bands that made the trek to the doors on k street a destination. paul wagner, fox 5 news. along with the performers, the filmmakers interviewed many of the people that worked at the bayou as sponsors and bar tenders. the public will get the first look at the film monday, february 25th when it airs on maryland public television. still ahead at the bottom of the hour, post office accused of breaking traffic laws is refusing to pay their fines. why they claim they can get away with breaking the law. 
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the big story is the hostage situation in alabama reaching day number 6. investigators work with jimmy lee dykes who they say shot a bus driver and took a 5-year- old child inside his bunker. the little boy is being well taken care of with a new delivery of food, toys and medicine made today. the prayer vigils have been held every day since last
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tuesday. the gun control debate continues in washington. president obama will travel to minnesota tomorrow to speak on gun violence. if universal background checks became law, everyone who purchase a gun will be subject to a full mental and health screening. nra claims background checks won't work. in mexico, funeral services are underway for those killed in an office explosion last week. 33 people died and close to 100 others were hurt close to mexico city. preliminary reports indicate it was an accident. in north carolina, a train carrying hazardous materials derailed. it happened in blade borrow. about 10 cars overturned. one was carrying ammonia. people nearby were evacuated from their homes. no word on what caused the derailment. nebraska governor resigned. the regular signature nation letter doesn't mention why.
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but the governor says it was because trust was broken. word is sheehy was involved in thousands of calls to women on his state issued cell phone. >> i got a knot in my stomach. i am deeply disappointed. he has done a lot of good things for the state. but that trust was broken and he has resigned. >> sheehy's wife filed for divorce last year amid the violations. an ohio post office that doesn't want to pay up. one branch in east cleveland owes more than $500 in traffic tickets. traffic offenses including speeding in school zones and red light violations. the post office says they have federal immunity on the tickets. >> we didn't know they were above the law. if they are able to speed through school zones and endanger children and run red lights you would think we would get our mail faster. >> reporter: the company issuing the traffic tickets
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says they can expect to keep getting tickets. still ahead on fox 5 an important investigation. most americans have couches but it's what is inside them that could be did he go stroying our health. the story is come -- destroying our health. @ñ
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there may be hidden health dangers inside your couch. most of the couches contain chemicals that could affect your health. >> fire retardants in couches is an enormous issue. here is what i found out during my investigation. in just a matter of seconds, a couch is up in flames. fire retardants in the foam of the couch delay ignition by 12 seconds but there may be a high price to pay for those 12 seconds. according to a recent study
6:36 pm
published in environmental science and technology, flame technology are being used in couches and other products to replace another toxic flame retardant phased out eight years ago because of health dangers associated with it. >> children are exposed to five times the level of what is considered safe and they exceed acceptable cancer risks within the first two years of life. >> reporter: joanna says the chemicals include pbde and compounds known as chlorinated trists, the chemical pulled from children's pajamas in 1977 because of concerns they may be muted genetic. the various chemicals affect
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the developing endocrine system, impair thyroid function and cause neurological disorders, even autism. mollie rausch, a mother of three from d.c. is concerned. >> i'm supposed to be the one to make sure that my kids aren't exposed? this is not my job. i'm not a scientist. i'm not a regulator. somebody else should be dealing with this. >> unzip it from its covering. >> reporter: rausch participated in the study conducted by researchers from duke, berkley and boston university. they gathered sofa cushions all across the country. >> a year or so later i got an e-mail telling me that my couch contained chlorinated tryst. >> reporter: you will find it in some carpet backing, child car seats, strollers, crip mattresses and nursing pillows.
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>> manufacturers are pouring this in the foam in the couch where my kids sit every day. >> reporter: the liquid fire retardant endurance turns to dust when it's in the foam. when you sit on the furniture, it escapes from the foam and attaches to the dust in your home. it can be absorbed in the skin, inhaled and ingested by children crawling on the ground. >> when you have clear evidence of a health fact in animal studies and then you start to see these same associations turn up in the human population, that certainly is the red flag and it's time to really take a close look at the safety of your chemical and take action. >> reporter: no one from the american chemistry council would go on camera but issued a statement. tdcpp was voluntarily removed from children's pajamas in the 1970s by the industry out of an
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abundance of caution. the public should know that flame retardants are used in upholstered furniture to meet fire standards. it's important to note that flame retardants are subject to review by scientists at regulatory agencies. the 2008 e.u. risk assessment for pdcpp using all the best information available concludes that tdcpp gives no reason for concern to human health in relation to the physics chemical properties. couch manufacturers are mandated by law to use it in the foam stuffing. it's a little known law in california known as technical bulletin 17 which says the couch must be able to withstand exposure to a small flame for 12 seconds without igniting. while the regulation applies only to california, manufacturers use it in all the
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products instead of creating special furniture for the west coast. >> that is what is left after a couple minutes of burning. >> i believe fire retardant is good but they should use other chemicals or safe chemicals that doesn't affect the breathing of other people involved in it. they should find other methods to make the fire retardant safer. >> reporter: there are no warning labels so you don't know what chemicals are inside your couch. >> even if i wanted to make a choice about it, i wouldn't have been able to plaque a choice. >> reporter: the problem is, if you want a couch in your home, you most likely don't have a choice. >> unfortunately because the use of flame retardants in furniture and other consumer products is so commonplace, it's hard to avoid exposure. >> it is worth mentioning that under prop 65 tdcpp was added to california's list of
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potential carcinogens in 2011. three of the frequently used fire retardants are under review by the epa. what can you do? this this case there is not a lot you can do to avoid it. there are few companies that make truly organic couches. you can contact your lawmaker about the need for chemical policy reforms there. are some signs of bipartisan support on that issue. next on fox 5 news at 6:00, do you eat before the gym or not. not.
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now at 6:00, important health alert. new research finds that the a.m. is the best time to hit the gym before the morning meal. we have more. >> reporter: working for your health, new research that may end the age old debate of when is the best time to exercise. personally i think any time is the best time but a new british time finds early risers who exercise on an empty stomach before breakfast burn more body fat. researchers wanted to find out if dieters negated exercise by eating more later in the day. people that did their work out before breakfast did not consume extra calories to compensate for the early exercise. those study participants didn't report feeling hungrier. those that worked out on an
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empty stomach burned 20% more fat compared to those who exercised after breakfast. if you can't drag yourself out of bed and workout before breakfast, a regular afternoon or evening workout is better than skipping it altogether. working for your health. the 9th annual puppy bowl was on before the game. check out the cuteness here. it included 25 different puppies, hedge hog cheerleaders, super slow cut cam, a puppy hot tub for the athletes to rest their sore muscles. we will see that in a moment and a kitty halftime show. something for everyone there. >> for those who aren't into the super bowl, that is where you were glued, right. >> a lot of fun. what about this snow on the way? we thought we were done with it last night. now more? >> it's the same kind coming
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through, the fast moving clipper systems that don't want to pass through the neighborhood without leaving us a little bit to remind us they were there. so, that is what we are dealing with. a few clouds outside tonight. things will get a little more improved as we head through into the overnight hours. beautiful shot as you can see of the beautiful, beautiful city in d.c. well, light snow is what we are talking about this evening. we will have to deal with it more in the extended forecast. we have to talk about that. morning slick spots as well with the moisture. do be careful for your morning commute. another clipper on monday. also we are talking a slow warm up as we move into the later part of the week. that is good news for all of you that can't stand this bone- chilling cold weather any more. i'm one of them. satellite and radar composite, you can see we have a few clouds and a little bit of this fast moving light snow that is skirting through in the way of light snow showers across the area. a little more to the north. let's take a look at radar and what is happening.
6:47 pm
you can see here what we had earlier in the show was a little more of this closer to hagerstown stretching down. now it's waning out. we have a little to the north and that's about it. as we move into the overnight hours, we will see clearing skies then we have to deal with the next clipper as i mentioned in my weather headlines as we move through to monday. back to the weather maps. we know that the temperatures are a big issue with all of this. today it was not that warm. 35 degrees at reagan. 33 dulles. 34 at bwi marshall. it's chilly outside. 34 d.c. 31 annapolis. same in baltimore. 35 to the south in fredricksburg. 30 winchester and 30 at dulles. when we take a look at what we are speaking about, the jet stream to the south and fast moving clippers pushing their way through. one more to deal with before it's said and done. the cold air mass is staying in
6:48 pm
place and not going far. a ridge of high pressure is in control as we head through tomorrow. we will start out with partly sunny skies. on the breezy side. i'm talking windchills as well. then the next clipper moves through as we move into the later part of monday. we are looking at a little bit more light snow. the models are saying it will be out of here by the time we hit dawn on tuesday. let's hope that does happen and doesn't stick around. we will have a look at futurecast and show what you this particular computer model is showing. by the time you get into the 8:00 hour monday, a little to the north. the west will see some. they will see heavier amounts of snowfall over the mountains. then as we move through to the overnight hours, just a little bit here. we are on the edge of it. then it starts to move out by early morning hours of tuesday. so, not sticking around that long. winter weather advisories and winter storm watch for areas of the west. we have gusty winds that we will talk blowing snow through there and accumulate snowing, 4
6:49 pm
to 8 inches. in the city maybe a dusting or less. not much in terms of accumulation to deal with. 24 degrees tonight. cold. bundle up tonight. tomorrow 38 degrees with a westerly wind. a bit on the breezy side. new orleans they have started the game. 61 degrees with light winds. they are not dealing with any of this. look at the warm up. it gradually starts to kick in. we are near 50 by the time we head to friday. that's when we will see another round of snow showers. once we get through monday night, dry conditions and sunshine as we slowly, slowly climb with the mercury. >> 49 will feel good. >> great compared to what we have. >> thanks. the french spider-man is at it again. he is climbing a building in cuba. he is known for scaling some of the tallest skyscrapers without safety gear. the next mission is a 27 story former hotel taken over during
6:50 pm
the cuban revolution. the human spider-man inspected the building ahead of his big climb. >> for me this is something interesting. a new country, climbing a new kind of building. >> the french spider-man plans to make the first attempt to climb the building tomorrow. we will let you know how it goes. rg3 earns a well deserved honor on the eve of the super bowl. bowl. 
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super bowl sunday is a big time even in hockey. two of the hat tricks have taken place on super bowl sunday. a slow start has mired the
6:53 pm
team. pick thie first period, caps down 1-zip. alex ovechkin gives it to greene and he burris the second goal of the year. back up at one apiece. in the second period, caps trail 2-1 again. this goes into the pen zone. a gift goal right there. square at 2. crosby to chris kunis. today it's kunis not ovechkin with the super bowl hat trick. they fall 6-3. they are 6-2-1 on the season. >> miscues, little things. otherwise, i don't know. i'm not that worried bit.
6:54 pm
they are playing good hockey. >> when you lose it's disappointing. sometimes it's how you lose that is frustrating. >> there has been an rg3 siting in new orleans. he said his recovery from knee surgery is ahead of schedule and he went through the toughest part. the nfl has asked the redskins about his possible return date so that they can better schedule nationally televised games. the real reason he was in new orleans was to accept the rookie of the year award beating out fellow quarterback andrew luck, russell wilson and alfred morris. he becomes the first red skin to win the award since running back mike thomas won the honor in 1975.
6:55 pm
he set numerous records including a qb record of 815 yards. >> well, it's truly a blessing to be up here and to be able to stand first and foremost. i had a tough injury at the end of the season but i thank the coaches, the players. i want to give a hand clap for alfred morris, my running back who was also up for this award. all the competition was extremely good and it seems like -- you can ask drew but seems like the league is in good hands with the young quarterbacks. in closing, i want to say sometimes it's not what you get for your team but what you are willing to give for them. thank you, guys. >> good stuff. wizards bradley biel left three games with a wrist injury. he won't rush back but would like to return for the rising stars challenge on february 15th during the all star break. last night whiz in san antonio.
6:56 pm
a shoulder strain friday night. in the second quarter, martel webster misses and takes down tim duncan to danny green who gets the lay in. dunkin injured on this play. wizards season low 26 first half points, dunkin out with a sprained knee and ankle. second half wizards rally being down. wizards get within 6 but lose 96-86 and drop to 11 and 35. college hoops today, virginia and tony bennett, winners of four in a row at georgia tech. cavs in the half court offense running to perfection. joe harris with the jam. virginia lead by nine at the half. in the second half, harris rolls off the screen and hits the three. virginia lead by 57-48 with eight plus minutes to go.
6:57 pm
tied at 57, a jumper and the yellow jackets lead for good. virginia falls at georgia tech. waste management phoenix open, phil mickelson had the lead. he gets to 24 under par right there. his competition looking for a birdy of his own. he gets as close as three shots behind lefty but more mickelson on 7. watch this one, 56 out. goes on the fringe, back down, how do you read that. slams in the cup for a birdy. he finishes at 28 under par four shots better than brandt benny kerr. we have a little game today, the super bowl. 7-3 baltimore ravens lead. >> okay. >> they came out and hit them in the face first. >> good.
6:58 pm
>> one quick weather word. >> bundle up. it's getting cold out there. more snow as we move into monday and the overnight hours. it's a warm up on the way i'm happy to say. >> yeah. >> heading up to the 40s. >> that's it for us at 6:00. we are back at 10:00 and news edge at 11:00. >> the news is always on. see you tonight.   
6:59 pm
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